Eco Care
  • Our major concentration is on planting of trees in and around the company to make provide a health atmosphere

  • Waste Management: Refinery has the world – class water treatment plants that recovers reusable water from waste water, eliminating the hazardous elements and evading the explosion of polluting substances into the environment

  • Power Management: Rajham Refineries uses the solar power and wind power to optimize the energy consumption level The organization aims at the zero – discharge certification from the Pollution Control Board of India
Vision and Mission
  • Rajham Refineries’ motive is to take ‘Thirumathi Gold’ to every door step at considerable costs
  • The company determines to build a health nation by promoting the word ‘best to all’ i.e. healthy life to all
  • The Company aims to provide all the essential commodities of the consumers in the fore coming days
  • Import and Export are also one of our major concentrations