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At the step of the success is the company, Rajham Refineries, a renowned refinery in Anthiyur. The organization of 35 years stands by the standards of quality and purity of its products. The company has made incredible strides in the edible oil market with its flag-ship brand ‘Thirumathi Gold’

The organization has sprouted out with the effects of six joint hands. Later, all are well-settled in different regions. Now, the company is under the responsibility of
Mr. K. Murugesan, B.E. with his two sons as promoters and proceeds, in the path of success


ISO 22000: 2008 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Certifications confirm that the edible oil processing followed by Rajham Refineries is free from Physical, Chemical and Biological Contamination, there by assuring complete food safety


FSSAI and Agmark are also the best proof shown to prove the quality of the products of Rajham Refineries


Rajham Refineries organizes two major plants of production

  • A batch plant of40 tones
  • A continuously automated plant of 100 tones.
  • The storage capacity for crude oil is 2000 MTS.
  • The storage capacity for refined oil is 1000 MTS.
  • The production capacity is 140 TPD (Expandable upto 200TPD in 2years)
  • The plants have the well–resourced state–of–art facilities with dexterous professionals in all sections.
  • Systematic monitoring of goods from raw materials to finished and packed goods avoids unnecessary complications.
  • International refining techniques are used for appropriate outcome.
  • Refinery processing equipments are supplied by the world renowned equipment suppliers
  • Company also maintains a large warehouse about 10000sq feet under proper conditioning.

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Rajham Refineries

90, Old mettur Athani road
Anthiyur — 638501
P: 04256-260331 / 260881
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E: rajhamrefineries@gmail.com